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A Documentary Feature Film in Production

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Dr. McGinn Operating


Dr. Christine McGinn/ Lt. Commander Christopher McGinn

Vacation shot of Christine McGinn and her partner Lisa Bortz

Dr. Christine McGinn today

Ultrasound during Lisa's pregnancy

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This film is being produced in part with a grant from
the California Institute of Contemporary Arts.
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"Finding New Hope" is a feature length documentary in production focusing on the severely misunderstood, but rapidly expanding community of transgendered men, women, and children in the world today.

In 1952 when Christine Jorgensen burst upon the scene before an unsuspecting public, little was understood about what the pioneering Dr. Harry Benjamin was later to call the "Transsexual Phenomenon." Now almost 60 years later the general public, and even many members of the medical profession, are barely more knowledgeable about the transgendered community than they were then. Distracted and misled by prurient TV talk shows that present transsexuals and cross dressers as oddities of nature in a circus side show, much of the mainstream audience has come to regard gender variant individuals as deviants or freaks in need of psychiatric treatment to correct an extreme medical disorder.

But behind the scenes a quiet revolution in information has occurred ...on the Internet. Here transgender people of all ages have established an extraordinary community – a quantum leap in knowledge and communication for all to see.

As a result the transsexual community has begun to expand rapidly as people have discovered that they could not only put a name to their sense of "dysphoria," but that this is a condition that occurs naturally ... not a disease or a disorder that needs a cure.

Today there is another Christine – Dr. Christine McGinn who has been down this path herself, and is now dedicating her life to the care and treatment of this growing population of disenfranchised people who have been denied medical and social services of all kinds. At the same time the noted educator and policy advisor Jamison Green has stepped forward to fight for transgender rights and a greater understanding of transgender issues all over America.

This is a story whose time has come.
It is a story of discrimination and injustice...of hope and courage.
A remarkable story of a growing community of extraordinary people whose greatest dream is to be able to lead an ordinary life.



Well put together demo of your project. I'm looking forward to the finished product. I'm an FTM in Pittsburgh.

What a wonderful piece! I'd love to watch the full feature when it is released. I am an FTM of almost 9 years and can relate. Thanks for making this great documentary! Blessings, Jeremy

Dr McGinn just did my gender confirmation surgery Sept 13th, 3 weeks ago tomorrow. She is a lovely, caring, amazing person... and a wonderful surgeon! Tell me how I might help support your project.

Thank you, If you'd like to talk please contact me.

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! (Living in the closet all my life).

This is excellent!! Thank you for sharing information and education. Dr. Anagloria Mora, Clinical Sexologist/Gender Specialist Miami, Florida.

FIVE STARS and MORE to DR MARK and DR McGINN for this amazing video...for those of us who have been in the field of sexology/gender issues...WE ARE SO GRATEFU to you...Blessings, Dr. Marilyn K. Volker, Sexologist/Gender Specialist, Miami, Florida

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